Your holiday home is located on a warm southside hill of the toy city of sonneberg. From the property u can enjoy an outstanding view over the old- and middletown.
Pubs, restaurants and small shops are within walking distance.
The rich forrests surrounding welcome you to long tracking tours and are accessible directly from the house within minutes.
There are a lot of excursion targets in the closer and a bit farer environment, for example Sonneberg itself with its famouse museum of toys and lots of villas and houses of the domestic architecture. Lauscha, the town of the glassblowers is not far away, Coburg a very sweet and old residence town is close in the neighbouring franconian area, even nuremberg the capitol of the franconians with its beautiful mediaeval city is reachable in 90mins by car.
Each year in may the region Sonneberg - Neustadt celebrates the wellknown Puppenfestival. Here (can) doll- and teddybearfanatics find everything they ever dreamed of. There's just too much - the framework buildings in the villages and small towns, the town of Heldburg with its newly restaurated Stronghold and not to forget the superb thuringian cuisine, that doenst consist only of bratwurst and roast pork. So come and get to know this lovely nice district.
Family Böhm
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